Copyright Information

This webpage is intended to provide information about Copyright and exceptions to it, like Fair Use for teaching, which will enhance the understanding of faculty, staff and students at Southwestern College and provide guidelines for using and creating copyrighted material. The information presented here is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT be construed as legal advice.

Copyright Links

  • U.S. Copyright Office
    The homepage of the United States Copyright Office includes sections, like "Education" with a list of "Frequently Asked Questions", to explain what is copyrighted and is an exception to it, like Fair Use. The Copyright Office allows for on-line copyright registration through CORDS, the Copyright Office Electronic Registration, Recordation & Deposit System.
  • American Library Association
    This site, entitled "Copyright" discusses issues for libraries and copyright in the digital age, the 2003 copyright agenda, news, etc. It is maintained by the American Library Association.
  • BYU Copyright Tutorial
    This is a 30 minute tutorial that teaches the basics of Fair Use and Copyright.
  • Copyright Information and Education Initiative at University of Minnesota Libraries
    This site provides a comprehensive and in depth survey of copyright issues in teaching and research for the higher education community.
  • Purdue University
    This site is filled with resources and clear explanations, as well as information for instructors in face-to-face and virtual classroom settings.
  • Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use page
    Provides access to a broad range of materials including information about multimedia use and a collection of primary legal resources.
  • University of Texas
    This is the University of Texas System's Crash Course in Copyright.
  • University System of Georgia
    An online guide to Understanding Copyright and Educational Fair Use. This site includes the copyright policy and guidelines for electronic reserves and fair use for the University of Georgia.

Copyright Law & Legislation

Music and Video Copyright Guidelines

Multimedia Library Guidelines

Teach Act

  • ALA on the TEACH Act
    Information and legislation on the TEACH Act.
  • University of Texas
    This is the University of Texas System's Crash Course on Copyright, which includes information on the TEACH Act.