Library Liaisons

Materials are selected by subject area librarians. They work with individual faculty or with departmental liaisons to choose books and other materials which meet the research and teaching needs of the faculty and students of Southwestern College.

Majors Librarian
Accounting Margaret Drehobl - 
Administration of Justice Arnold Josafat -
African-American & African Studies Laura Galvan-Estrada -
American Sign Language Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Anthropology Margaret Drehobl -
Architecture Margaret Drehobl - 
Art Margaret Drehobl - 
Asian-American Studies Arnold Josafat -
Astronomy Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Automotive Technology Laura Galvan-Estrada - 
Baja California Studies Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Biology Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Biotechnology Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Business Administration Margaret Drehobl - 
Business Management Margaret Drehobl - 
Chemistry Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Child Development Margaret Drehobl -
Chinese Allie Jordan -
Cinema & Media Arts Margaret Drehobl - 
Communication Arnold Josafat - 
Computer Aided Design & Drafting Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Computer Information Systems Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Computer Literacy Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Computer Science Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Construction Inspection Arnold Josafat -
Cooperative Education Margaret Drehobl - 
Culinary Arts Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Dance Margaret Drehobl - 
Dental Hygiene Arnold Josafat - 
Economics Laura Galvan-Estrada - 
Education Laura Galvan-Estrada - 
Electronics Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Emergency Medical Technology & Paramedic Arnold Josafat -
Engineering Laura Galvan-Estrada -
English Allie Jordan - 
English as a Second Language Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Environmental Technology Arnold Josafat -
Event and Convention Planning Margaret Drehobl - 
Exercise Science Margaret Drehobl - 
Family Studies Margaret Drehobl -
Filipino Arnold Josafat -
Fire Science Arnold Josafat -
French Allie Jordan - 
Geography Margaret Drehobl - 
Geology Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Health Margaret Drehobl - 
History Allie Jordan - 
Hospitality and Tourism Management Margaret Drehobl -
Humanities Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Insurance Margaret Drehobl - 
Italian Allie Jordan - 
Japanese Allie Jordan - 
Journalism Margaret Drehobl -
Landscape Architecture and Nursery Technology Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Law Enforcement Training Academy Arnold Josafat -
Leadership and Supervision Margaret Drehobl - 
Learning Skills Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Legal Intrepretation and Translation Arnold Josafat -
Legal Office Management Arnold Josafat -
Legal Office Professional Arnold Josafat -
Liberal Studies - Elementary Education Margaret Drehobl - 
Library Science Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Logistics and Transportation Margaret Drehobl - 
Mathematics Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Medical Assistant Margaret Drehobl - 
Medical Laboratory Technology Margaret Drehobl - 
Medical Office Professional Margaret Drehobl - 
Mexican American Studies Laura Galvan-Estrada - 
Music Margaret Drehobl - 
Non-Credit Instruction Margaret Drehobl - 
Nursing Arnold Josafat -
Office Information Systems Arnold Josafat - 
Operating Room Nurse Arnold Josafat -
Paralegal Studies Arnold Josafat -
Personal Development Margaret Drehobl - 
Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Margaret Drehobl - 
Philosophy Allie Jordan - 
Photography and Digital Imaging Margaret Drehobl - 
Physical Sciences Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Physics Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Political Science Arnold Josafat -
Portuguese Allie Jordan - 
Psychology Margaret Drehobl -
Reading Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Real Estate Margaret Drehobl - 
Recording Arts and Technology Margaret Drehobl - 
Sociology Allie Jordan - 
Spanish Laura Galvan-Estrada -
Surgical Technology Arnold Josafat -
Sustainable Energy Studies Margaret Drehobl - 
Telemedia Laura Galvan-Estrada - 
Theatre Arts Margaret Drehobl -
Virtual Office Professional Arnold Josafat - 
Travel and Tourism Arnold Josafat - 
Vocational Nursing Arnold Josafat -
Women's Studies Allie Jordan -