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Are you ready to register for classes? Whether you’re a pro at picking classes, this is your first time or you’re looking to take a few classes here and there, this page will give you the steps to get you on the right path. 

Connecting to the category that best describes you will get you on your path quicker: Current Student, Returning Student, New/Future Student, High School, Adult Student and Non-Credit Student.

New to SWC… Smart Schedules! Enroll in classes that are guaranteed to be available for your four-year semester sequence and ready to transfer.

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If you are new to Southwestern College, or have not taken classes in the last six months, you can  apply at CCC Apply Page.

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Search the classes we have available this term. Search Schedule.

Meet with a Counselor

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We have hundreds of classes to help you reach your goals. Link to register. (Must be logged into MySWC).

CURRENT STUDENTS: If you attended classes during the most recent semester, you just need to review the schedule and sign up for the classes you need.

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you have missed one or more semesters, you will need to Re-Apply at CCC Apply Page before registering for classes.

NEW/FUTURE STUDENT: Never taken a class at Southwestern College? The first step is to apply at CCC Apply Page. You’ll receive a welcome email with your student ID, email address within 48 hours and then you can begin registering for classes. Need help with the application process and everything you need to know about becoming a Jaguar, connect every Wednesday from 3-4 pm with our Outreach Student Ambassadors. Reserve your spot today by filling out the reservation form.

HIGH SCHOOL CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT STUDENT: You can earn college credit while taking Southwestern College classes on your campus through our California College and Career Access Pathways Program (CCAP program.) If you’re in grades 9 through 12 you can also take classes at the Southwestern College campuses with the approval of a parent and high school principal/counselor as part of our High School Special program

ADULT SCHOOL CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT STUDENT: The Adult Education Partnership Dual Enrollment Program covers tuition costs if you are currently enrolled in a high school diploma or GED program at a local adult school, regardless of your residency status (except for international students and students on B1/B2/tourist visas).

NON-CREDIT STUDENT: You can take classes–many of them free–to boost your career and job skills, find a new personal interest or continue life-long learning. Our Continuing Education division can help you.

How to Make a Counseling Appointment

Counselors hold group information sessions to help students select which classes to select and to plan your first semester at Southwestern College. For more information please visit the Counseling Page.


Important Dates

Which Classes Should I Choose?

Whether you're a new student waiting to see a counselor, or a transfer student waiting for your official transcripts to come in, the SWC Catalog can help you plan your own schedule so you can register now, instead of waiting.

  1. Math and English
  2. Major requirements
  3. General Education requirements.
    • There are three basic General Education patterns, and all three are spelled out in the Catalog:
      • CSU (e.g., San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach, etc.). If you are going to the Cal State system, you may want to give special attention to our "degree with a guarantee" program called ADT (or Associate Degree for Transfer).
      • IGETC (for CSU or UC schools: e.g., UC San Diego, UCLA. etc.)
      • Associate Degree (for those who will be transferring out of state or to private institutions, or not transferring)

If you're not sure which pattern you will choose, here is a link that lists all the current courses that appear in all 3 patterns!

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