Southwestern College

In our language classes, students are the focus of the class.

No longer do students come and listen to a lecture without any participation as languages were taught thirty years ago. Today, students play games, write stories, create books, work in groups and in paired activities, and act out skits in the classroom.

In addition to covering grammar and syntax, students learn about the different cultures by exploring the Internet and doing research on different cultural holidays and customs. Music and art is also brought in as part of the discovery of the language.

Our Foreign Language faculty work hard at keeping abreast of current methodology promoted by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (better known as ACTFL). Our curriculum is designed to promote the five Standards for Foreign Language Learning (or the 5C’s) developed by ACTFL: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities.

We work hard at making our classrooms engaging by creating student-centered activities and by giving the language context.

We’re glad you have decided to study another language. As they say in Spanish: "El que habla dos idiomas, vale por dos." (translation: "He who speaks two languages is worth two people!")


Last updated: 8/8/2011 4:37:26 PM