Southwestern College

Jaguars Give is Southwestern College's employee giving program.  The program provides a meaningful, easy and convenient way for employees to designate a portion of their paycheck to support student success at Southwestern College.

There are four (4) priority areas for giving - but employees are free to choose another scholarship fund or speak with someone in the Office of Development and Foundation to open a new fund.

Jag Kitchen & Food Pantry - helping hungry students

SWC Cares Emergency Grant - assisting students facing emergency financial need

Veterans Scholarships - scholarships to students who have or are serving in the military

Southwestern College Promise - scholarships to first year students who have graduated from a school in the Sweetwater Union High School District.


Please join us in celebrating our Jaguar Gives team. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Southwestern College students!

Abdelkader, Najah
Abdishakur, Omar Alonso, Esther
Ball, Peggy
Ballesteros, Elizabeth
Bartow, Patricia
Beach, John
Beck-Threats, Fabiola
Blaisdell, Carl
Branscomb, Max
Buehler, Lukas
Buul, Abdimalik
Carey, Martha
Clarke, Lorrie
Cliffe, Karen
Cornejo, Silvia
Corona, Guadalupe
Davis, Naomi
Derringer, Ama
Diaz, Leticia
Durkin, Malenie
Dyer, Debbie
Encarnacion, Zaneta
Fisher, Rachel
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Flood, Malia
Flood, Timothy
Galvan-Estrada, Laura
Ganio, Mary
Gilstrap, Linda
Goedhart, Janis
Gonzalez, Bernard
Harris, Andre
Hedrick, Elisa
Hensley, Linda
Homyak, William
Hunter, Alison
Ibarra, Carmen
Jackson, Marquise
Jackson, Myesha
Jelaca-Tavakoli, Maria
Juden, Alexander
Kinney, William
Larkin, Patricia
Leopold, Lillian
Lucero-Canaan, Alejandra
Lugo, Silvia
Magbuhat, Simon
Marsden, William
Martinez, Ana
Maxwell, Peter
McClellan, Mia Celia
McGee, Anthony
McGregor, Cynthia
Milkovich, Patricia
Millius, Matthew
Montejano, FrankMoody, Myriam
Moreno, Chayo
Murillo, Kindred
Newhouse, Heidi
Nighswonger, Davis
Obsorne, Jackie
Ojeda, Collette
Paiano, Frank
Peinado, Martina
Perez, Dawn
Pfister, Toni
Platt, Brad
Polluck, Harriet
Posey, Jessica
Poveda, Fernando
Rayos, Ofelia
Rempt, Andrew
Rieder, John
Rivera, Ernesto
Robertson, Brett
Rock, Angela
Rodriguez, Eileen
Ruiz, Janell
Russell, Teresa
Sayasenh, Samone
Soto, Carolina
Stuart, Angelina
Suarez, Angelica
Tolli, John
Torres, Patricia
Tyner, Kathy
Vargas, Nora
Vicario, Marie
Watson, Virginia
White, Jonathan (JD)
Williams Melendrez, Janelle
Wolniewicz, Rebecca

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