Career Education

A Bridge to Your Future

Articulation: College Credit by Exam is a pathway that connects learning to careers. It will provide you with the skills, knowledge and attitudes for high-demand jobs in emerging professions. If you’re studying in high school or an adult school and want to align your courses with a degree at Southwestern, Articulation/Credit by Exam is a great option for you.


What is It?

CTE Transitions allows you to earn college credit by taking articulated courses in High School and Adult School. The courses are taught at the high school, or Adult School, but are considered part of a college degree or certificate program which aligns with a field of study. You can earn up to 15 credits in total.

See our full list of articulation agreements


Who is it For?

If you’re in high school or taking courses at an Adult School, this is for you. In particular, we partner with the Sweetwater Union High School district, Sweetwater Adult Schools, and Coronado High School, allowing students to continue their education. And if you end up not wanting to use your credits at Southwestern? No problem! You can always transfer them.

Why Should I Do It?

You will get to enroll as a student at Southwestern College and receive all of the same benefits and student services as all Southwestern College students. You will be provided access to a counselor, the Career Center, and Student Employment Services to build on your career and job readiness through invitations to workshops and events tied to your field of study.

Get Started


Step 1: Enroll


To start, sign up for a course at your local school. In order to get credit at Southwestern, you’ll want to check our Articulation List  to make sure we have a partnership in place with your school for the course you have in mind.




You won’t be able to get credit at Southwestern if you’re not considered a student here! Sign up so you can use these Articulation: College Credit by Exam courses to get you started and on your way. If you’re already signed up, move on to step number 3.


Step 3: Register


You’ll need a Southwestern College ID as well as some other information to register in the CATEMA system. Check our Quick Start guide  for a full list. Additionally, if you’re a high school student, you’ll need to get a permission form  signed by your guardian/parent.


Step 4: Take the Course — and Pass!


Not only do you need to pass, but you need to get a B or higher. Remember: as an Articulation: College Credit by Exam student, you have access to all the great resources here at Southwestern. So if you’re ever having any issues, touch base with our Student Support