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Dear ETAs/ECMs:

We welcome your client.  We want your client to have a positive experience on his/her visit to Southwestern College and our CalWORKs office.  The following is helpful information for you and your client:


First and foremost, in order to assist your client, we need you to refer him/her to us with a completed HHSA 27-114 Referral Form.  You may fax the referral to us at 619-482-6516 or send it with your client to the appointment.  CalWORKs counselor appointments fill up quickly during peak periods.

Orientation & Counselor Appointment

Our counselors complete Individual Training Plans (ITPs) and Student Education Plans (SEPs) with your client.  Prior to the counselor appointment, your client needs to attend an orientation to complete intake forms and learn program goals and requirements.  Completed documents are faxed to the ETA/ECM.  During peak period, the completed documents may take up to three days to process and fax after the appointment with the counselor.  Our staff is very diligent in promptly sending updates to ETAs/ECMs.

Location & Bus Routes

The CalWORKs Program office is on the main campus in Cesar E. Chavez Student Services Center--Building 1400.  If your client is using public transportation, bus routes 704, 705, 709, 712, 712L come to the main campus in Chula Vista.  Driving directions are available on this link.  


Parking permits are required at all times while classes are in session.  One-day passes are available for $3.00 for any student parking lot.  There is also metered parking at the front of the campus and metered parking is restricted to $1.00 per hour.  Parking in areas designated for faculty/staff, areas not designated to park, and misuse of handicap parking will result in a costly citation.

Parking permits are available for $20 per semester with a BOGFW and current TANF Notice of Action (NOA).  The current NOA is submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

Work Study Verification

Most CalWORKs students have access to either Federal Work Study (FWS), District Work Study (DWS), Project Work Study, CalWORKs Work Study and on occasion hourly employment.  A work study student can obtain documentation from the college to verify if employment is an subsidized or unsubsidized.  The positions are typically 15-20 hours per week, and these hours are reflected on the Individual Training Plan (ITP).  To verify work study hours, please ask your client to provide you with a copy of their timesheet.  Further, students have access to their check stubs via WebAdvisor.   

Monthly Attendance Verification (116 HHSA) & Textbook Request

Southwestern College CalWORKs does not verify Monthly Attendance Verification Forms or processes textbook requests.  Students are informed of the importance of providing their 116 HHSA Monthly Attendance Verification with a current course schedule printout from WebAdvisor for the ETA/ECM to verify hours.  We request students to provide online bookstore printouts with required textbooks and prices to their ETA/ECM.  Course syllabi are available after the first day of class.  Click here for more information on Requesting Textbooks and Parking Permits.

Our counselors and staff care about your clients' academic success, career development and future employment.  We look forward to working with you on helping students meet their WTW activities and on streamlining processes.  If you have any questions, contact us at 619-482-6510. 

Thank you,

CalWORKs Program Staff


Southwestern College | Cesar E. Chavez Student Services Center--Building 1400

900 Otay Lakes Road  | Chula Vista, CA 91910 

T:  619-482-6510 |  F:  619-482-6516

Last updated: 8/31/2016 12:34:21 PM