Jag Kitchen Food Pantry

Here at Southwestern, we believe every student should have enough food to get them through the day. We're here to help you get the nutrition you need free of cost.  Any Southwestern College student can take advantage of the Jag Kitchen’s free food assistance. Spread the word and take advantage!

The Jag Kitchen Pantry is located in Building 16- Room 104 on the Chula Vista Campus.  Current Hours of Operation are Monday-Thursday 10:30am-5pm.  Students unable to visit our pantry during these hours can visit our SWC Cares Virtual Lobby or email teros@swcccd.edu to access pantry food.   

Students can also attend our Monthly Jag Kitchen to Go  drive thru distributions with the San Diego Food Bank Mobile Pantry. Summer Jag Kitchen To Go Events take place the first Wednesday of the month from 8am-10am in Parking Lot O on the Chula Vista Campus.  Sign up at Jag Kitchen To Go Registration.  Students can also complete our SWC Cares Basic Needs Request Form or visit our SWC Cares Webpage for additional food resources.


Making a Difference

  • 7,500+: food pantry visits Fall 23 Semester
  • 2,000+: e-gift cards to grocery stores donated in Fall 23 Semester
  • 0: proof of income to receive donations




How To Make Use Of the Jag Kitchen


General Information


The SWC Child Development Center, Family Studies Department and Associated Student Organization (ASO) began the Jag Kitchen Food Pantry in 2016 to assist students facing food insecurity. 

  • The Jag Kitchen is a safe and judgment-free zone that can be used by currently enrolled SWC students needing assistance.
  • While we do have a donation item list that our students are always in need of, monetary donations are also accepted and much appreciated.

Eligibility & Process


What are eligibility requirements?

  • Any SWC Student with a valid SWC ID number
  • No eligibility forms or proof of income is necessary.

What does the process look like?

  • Sign in with your student ID with a SWC Cares Jag Kitchen team member
Dolores Perez

Dolores Perez

Sociology Major

“My grades are kind of changing from the beginning of the semester...and I never noticed it was the food. I didn't have enough food during the day. You just go by the day doing your things, everybody's busy. And sometimes we forget to eat. It's very important to get food in your stomach.”


Donate to the Jag Kitchen!

The Jag Kitchen is always accepting food items, as well as monetary donations.  We are asking for donations of any items listed below. For any other questions please contact Trina Eros at teros@swccd.edu.  Donations can be made at the SWC Cares Office (Building 16, room 104 on the Chula Vista Campus).


In addition to donating items to the Jag Kitchen, we also accept monetary donations. To make it as easy as possible, we’ve set up a simple online donations form.