Southwestern College


Required Textbooks

  • Your ETA/ECM needs your textbook printouts and semester ITP to process all supportive services.  It can take up to 10 days to receive it from the County.
  • Access our Campus Bookstore's website to obtain printouts of your required books and prices.  If you plan to purchase your textbooks at the National City HEC Bookstore, please note the tax is 9%.  Chula Vista campus tax is 8.25%.
  • Course syllabus are available on the first day of class.  Use your course syllabus to show proof to your ECM/ETA of any required items, materials or supplies for the class.
  • Keep the original receipt of all purchased items.  Your ETA/ECM may request them.  Avoid any overpayments.

Parking Permit

Cost:  $20 for CalWORKs students eligible and approved for the California Promise Grant.  Students must submit the California Promise Grant application prior to parking permit purchase.

Parking Permit Purchase (Cash): 

There are designated computers at the main campus and Higher Education Centers (HECs).  You will need your car registration.

  • Login to WebAdvisor.  Follow the on-line directions.  Check the box, "Paying with Cash." Obtain an order number.  
  • Take your order number and payment to the Cashiers Office (main campus or HEC).  Obtain your temporary parking permit for your dashboard.
  • You will receive your official semester parking permit in the mail 5-10 working days.

Parking Permit Purchase (Online):

  • You will need your car registration and a credit card.
  • Login  to WebAdvisor.  Follow the directions.  After payment, print your temporary parking permit for your dashboard. 
  • You will receive the official semester parking permit in the mail within 5-10 working days


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