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Fall 2017 Processing

As of 2 October 2017 (we will update periodically - this data changes daily based on student activity)

Processing Type

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Records Processed

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Express Lane


705 of 705


Manual Processing


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 Overall processing: 705 of 713 declarations - 99% complete, including 369 modifications

 SEPs SPEED PROCESSING! If yours is over a year old, get an update and give us a copy.  If you don't have a SEP, get one!  You can move your record from manual processing to the express lane if you ensure your SEP is updated and all of your enrolled classes match what is required in the SEP.  Ensure you provide the VSO with all new and updated SEPs.  You can only pursue a maximum of two educational objectives (degrees or certificates) at a time, and both must lead to a single educational objective.

Modifications are being done to records as they are processed and currently processed records are being reviewed digitally on a daily basis to identify any changes in course load to minimize over-payments. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER DECLARATION DURING THE TERM IF YOU CHANGE ENROLLMENT - it will be removed from processing as a duplicate.




*If you don't know the difference between these, check out the processing article.

IMPORTANT - Click here for important information on "non standard" terms (which include Summer) and how they impact your eligibility.

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