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David Hecht
David Hecht

Department: School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering
Division: Faculty
Phone: (619) 421-6700 x5461
David Hecht, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
office: 331B
Phone: (619) 421-6700 x5461

Before coming to Southwestern College in 2005, David Hecht worked 10+ years in various biotech and pharmaceutical companies performing systems integration as well as data management with the goal of accelerating lead discovery and optimization processes for preclinical drug discovery and development. He received the B.S. degree in biochemistry from Rutgers University, the M.S. degree in physical chemistry from U.C. Berkeley and the Ph.D. in macromolecular structural biology and chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.

His teaching areas of emphasis include: Intro. General Chemistry 170; General Chemistry 200 and 210, and Intro. Biochemistry 160. He is currently chair of the Southwestern College Honors Program Committee and serves on the CalPass Committee (consisting of representatives from Sweetwater Union High District, Southwestern College and San Diego State University).

David Hecht holds several additional academic appointments including: visiting researcher, U.C. Irvine EECS and adjunct faculty member, San Diego State University Dept. of Chemistry. He is an associate editor of the journal Biosystems and a senior member of the IEEE.

His current research interests include: structural bio- & chemi-informatics analyses of protein-ligand interactions as well as development of computational approaches to accelerate drug discovery and development. These include developing novel applications of semantic programming, machine learning and neural nets, evolutionary algorithms, and in-silico screening (e.g. docking algorithms).


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