Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to approve new and revised curriculum and academic policies to ensure compliance with Title 5 and California Education Code prior to submission to the District Governing Board for final approval. In addition, the Southwestern College Curriculum Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive and responsive to the evolving needs of our students as well as the academic, business, and local communities.

For decades the curriculum committee has been the major mechanism by which the primacy of faculty has been exercised in their central domain of expertise: developing and renewing the college curriculum and assessing its quality and effectiveness to the highest of professional standards. The primacy of faculty in the area of curriculum has been repeatedly confirmed by the Legislature in the form of statutes and by the Board of Governors in the promulgation of regulations to implement those statutes.

In AB 1725, the Legislature specifically required the Board of Governors to establish regulations ensuring the effective participation of local academic senates in governance, especially in the area of curriculum and academic standards.

Ed. Code, §70901. (a) The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges shall provide leadership and direction in the continuing development of the California Community Colleges as an integral and effective element in the structure of public higher education in the state. The work of the Board of Governors shall at all times be directed to maintaining and continuing, to the maximum degree permissible, local authority and control in the administration of the California Community Colleges.

Members of the public and persons having business before the committee may attend Curriculum Committee meetings by Zoom. Voting members of the committee must attend in-person unless an exemption has been approved by the co-chairs under the provisions of AB 2449 (September 2022).

Curriculum Committee Materials

2024-2025 Curriculum Cycle

All curriculum put into the workflow by May 24, 2024, and completed as per the SWC Curriculum Handbook, shall be considered for inclusion in the 2025-2026 Catalog and, if approved, effective in Fall 2025.

Curriculum Committee Calendar 2024-2025 (PDF)

2023-2024 Curriculum Cycle

All curriculum pre-launched by April 5, 2023, and completed as per the SWC Curriculum Handbook, shall be considered for inclusion in the 2024-2025 Catalog and, if approved, effective in Fall 2024.

Curriculum Committee Calendar 2023-2024 (PDF)

Curriculum Committee Roster 

Name Position Representing
Sam Agdasi Co-Chair (non-voting) Academic Affairs
Randy Beach Co-Chair (voting when tied) Academic Senate
Kari Ross-Berry School Representiative (voting) Wellness, Exercise Science, & Athletics 
Jamie O'Connor Florez Field of Study Representative (voting) Health, Wellness, and Public Safety
Raul Vargas Navarro School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Mathematics, Science, and Engineering 
VACANT School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Business
Ania Sundstrom School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Arts, Communication, Design & Media 
Angela Brammell School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Education, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dustin Marquel School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Languages & Literature
Brian Palmiter School/Field of Study Representative (voting) Applied Technology & Hospitality Management
Lisa Rodriguez  School Representative (voting) Counseling and Support Programs
VACANT Field of Study Representative (voting) Exploration and Personal Growth
Luis Osuna Centers Representative (voting) Higher Education Centers: HECNC, HECSY, HECOM, CCAC              
Tracy Schaelen School Representative (voting) Academic Services
Allie Jordan Library Representative (voting)  
Martina Peinado Articulation Officer (voting)  
Ryan Lennon Placement and Assessment Coordinator (voting)  
Tracy Schaelen Distance Education Coordinator (non-voting)  
VACANT                            Associated Student Organization (ASO) Representative (non-voting)  
Melody Frio Curriculum Secretary (non-voting)  
Mia McClellan Dean of Instructional Support Services (non-voting)  
Brian Ebalo Academic Services Supervisor (non-voting)  
Virdiana Coronel Academic Services Specialist (non-voting)  
Jeffrey Fischer Academic Services Specialist (non-voting)  
VACANT Financial Aid Representative (non-voting)  

Program & Course Approval Handbook

The Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH) assists California Community College (CCC) administrators, faculty, and staff in the development of programs and courses and the submission of these proposals for review by the Chancellor’s Office.

Program & Course Approval Handbook 8th Edition (PDF)

Curriculum Committee Handbook

The Southwestern College Curriculum Handbook was created by the SWC Curriculum Committee and approved by the Academic Senate. This handbook provides the college community with information regarding the standards for curriculum development and approval at Southwestern based on state and federal legislation and regulation. This handbook is reviewed and revised on a regular basis and serves as evidence for compliance with accreditation standards.

Curriculum Committee Handbook 2022 (PDF)

SWC Curriculum Standards, Resources, and Training Canvas Site

SWC employees may self-enroll in the SWC Curriculum Standards, Resources, and Training Canvas Site. This Canvas site provides extensive resources and training materials to support faculty development of curriculum. The site is accessible by all SWC employees with a Canvas account. For questions regarding access or enrollment, please contact the Office for Academic Affairs

Curriculum Committee Meetings

Meeting Agenda and Minutes