Disbursement Schedules

  • Disbursements for late start classes - Federal regulations require that schools disburse financial aid funds only for classes that have already begun. If you are enrolled in classes that begin later in the term, you will not receive grant or loan funds for those classes until after they have started. If you are borrowing student loans, you will not receive your loan funds until you have begun attending at least half-time (half-time).
  • Disbursement dates are estimates and will occur on or after the estimated disbursement dates listed. Dates are subject to change without notice.
  • All awards are contingent upon institutional receipt of funds from the federal and/or state government and are subject to change.


Southwestern College partners with BankMobile® to offer students a secure and flexible method to receive their financial aid funds.  

All students must have a deposit method choice on file for fund disbursement. It is important to complete this process as soon as possible to ensure there is not delay in receiving funds.

  • New students will receive a bright green envelope from BankMobile® 3-5 days after they are awarded financial aid. The envelope will be sent to the address on file in Colleague, so please be sure it is correct and up to date! Once it arrives, simply follow the instructions to choose a deposit method, which are to have funds automatically deposited to a current checking account, open a BankMobile® account or receive a paper check. Students may also change their deposit method choice at any time.
  • Students who have previously chosen a deposit method do not need to update or reactivate their choice unless they would like to change their deposit method. 
  • if you do not receive contact from BankMobile®, you can go to Refund Selection and choose your disbursement method.  If you do not yet have a personal code to input, click the link at the bottom titled "NEED A CODE?"

Allpoint® ATMs are also located at the Student Activities Center (Chula Vista campus) and the Student Center (San Ysidro campus)

SWC's contract and compliance documents with BankMobile®, a division of Customer Bank, is available online.