The Maintenance Department is committed to providing routine and scheduled building and equipment maintenance services which include interior finishes, electrical, mechanical, heating and ventilation, and plumbing.

Work Requests

Work requests must be submitted through ServiceNow:

    1. Log on the the MySWC Portal
    2. Click on Campus Apps
    3. Click on ServiceNow


Priority list of how work order requests are distributed:

  • Emergencies
    An immediate need, life safety, prevent property damage, mission interruption. Examples: Toilet stopped up, lights off in occupied classroom, roof leaking, flooding, lecture halls/classroom temperatures interfering with instruction, Governing Board room setup. Emergency situations will be dealt with immediately and staff will be dispatched to respond to the request.
  • Immediate
    Has obvious impact that needs to be addressed shortly but can be delayed for 24-48 hours with minimal operational impact.
  • Priority
    Work that needs to be done within 1-2 weeks and may be combined with other requests for scheduling efficiency.
  • Routine
    Work that is anticipated (preventive maintenance).