Operations & Construction

Propositions R & Z

On November 4, 2008, by majority election of the Districts' registered voters, $389,000,000 in general obligation bonds (Proposition R) were authorized to be issued and sold for the benefit of the District.

Proceeds from the bonds are to be used for construction, reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of its facilities, acquisition, or lease of real property for its facilities and construction management by District personnel.

On March 14, 2012, the Southwestern Community College District Board unanimously voted to re-evaluate all Proposition R projects to determine the best use of bond funds and reassess its priorities.

For additional information, please visit the Propositions R & Z website.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Current Projects: 
      • Metasys Control Integrations
      •  Controllers Replacement
      •  HVAC Project Phase #1
      •  Electrical Lighting Upgrades at LRC
      •  Fire Alarm Deficiencies Work
      •  Replace VFD #1 and #6 at Building 8O
      •  Remove and install 1st Stage Compressor Building 26
      •  Install owner furnished HVAC Package Unit Building 59
      •  Replace Air Handling Unit with 3 Condersers and Control System at Building 83 
      •  Upgrade Custodian Room Building 87
      • Electrical Lighting Upgrades 2nd Quadrant
      • Library Building Yellow Hazard Painting
      • Emergency Responder Communication Systtem at Bulding 64
    • Completed Projects:
      • Minor Roof Repairs
      • CDC Smoke Detector
      • HVAC Renovation Project #2
      • Building 28 Pump Replacement
      • Building 27 HVAC Replacement
      • Building 70 Boiler Repairs
      • HECNC Water Heater Replacement
      • Cooling Tower #1 Pipe Replacement
      • HVAC Controls - HEC National City  
      • HVAC Repairs and Replacement - Chula Vista
      • HVAC Repairs and Replacement - HEC Otay Mesa
      • Roof Repairs - Chula Vista
      • Roof Repairs - HEC National City 
      • Building 68 Ceiling Replacement
      • Turf Repairs
      • Electrical Upgrades
      • Flooring Repairs
      • ADA Restroom Upgrades


  • Building 70 Intercom Upgrades
  • Fencing Upgrades - HEC San Ysidro
  • Exterior Light Poles - HEC San Ysidro

Should you have any questions regarding Facilities projects, please call the Southwestern College Facilities Line at (619) 482-6573.