Office of Student Equity Programs & Services

Attending college is so much more than going to classes. It’s about going somewhere where you feel welcome. Finding a place where you can be who you are. Enjoying a place where you can open yourself to new opportunities.

The Office of Student Equity Programs & Services is here to help you feel welcome. We create a courageous space where meaningful conversations can happen to create change. We are a resource that works collaboratively throughout Southwestern College to extend the values of diversity and equity.

Seeking help getting what you need? Looking for someplace to engage? Trying to find a voice on campus that you can relate to? Contact us today. Our student-centered staff is here and ready to help you. 

We are working remotely for immediate assistance please email: or leave a voicemail at 619 482-6546.
For updates connect with us on social media: Instagram @swc_student_equity or or Twitter @swcequity


Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

 As a formal HSI under the Department of Education, we are committed to expanding opportunities and improving the attainment of Hispanic and low-income students.

SWC Dreamer Center 

 If you are seeking confidential support for yourself and your family while at Southwestern, contact our Dreamer Center today.

What We Do?

We have clear, measurable goals that we keep track of to ensure that Southwestern College is a place where student equity is a priority on campus.

Our Goals

  1. Increase the proportion of all applicants to SWC who enroll
  2. Increase the proportion of all students retained from fall to spring at SWC
  3. Increase the proportion of all students who complete transfer-level math and English at SWC within their first academic year
  4. Increase the number of students who earn an Associate Degree or CCCCO-approved credit certificate at SWC
  5. Increase the number of students who transfer from SWC to a four-year institution
  6. Eliminate identified equity gaps at SWC

Read Our Student Equity Plan


Our Track Record

The office supports the SWC Dreamer Center by creating an open space for Immigrant Student Populations. The Governing Board has demonstrated support for immigrant student populations through several resolutions:

  • April 2013: Resolution 1796 - Supporting a Reasonable and Human Approach to Reforming the Current Immigration System
  • April 2015: Resolution 1885 - Supporting Executive Actions on Immigration
  • November 2016: Resolution 1984 - Supporting and Respecting Immigrants
  • December 2016: Resolution 1988- Guiding Principles for Immigrant Students
  • January 2017: Resolution 1992 - Upholding Civil Rights of All Residents

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Dr. Guadalupe R. Corona

Director, Office of Student Equity Programs and Services

Carla Sevilla

Student Services Coordinator 482-6504

Alejandra Garcia

SWC Dreamer Center Coordinator