Academic Affairs
Vice President: Kathy Tyner 619-482-6337  Room 213
Administrative Assistant: Kimberlie Rader         619-482-6338  
School of Arts & Communication
Dean: Donna Arnold 619-482-6371 Room 702B
Administrative Secretary: Eileen Zwierski 619-482-6441  
School of Counseling & Personal Development
Dean: Beatrice Zamora-Aguilar 619-482-6379 Room S204F
Administrative Secretary: Martha Campa 619-482-6471  
School of Social Sciences, Business & Humanities
Dean: Mark Meadows 619-482-6569 Room 470K
Interim Administrative Secretary: Marisol Natividad 619-482-6570  
School of Language & Literature
Dean: Joel Levine 619-482-6349 Room 430F
Administrative Secretary: Bertha Rose Williams 619-421-6700 x5307  
School of Health, Exercise Science, Athletics & Applied Technology
Dean: Terry Davis 619-482-6551

Room H403

Administrative Secretary: Cathy Dimapilis 619-216-6626  
School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering
Dean: Janet Mazzarella 619-482-6344 Room 215A
Administrative Secretary: Leonila Baier 619-482-6406  
School of Continuing Education, Economic & Workforce Development and Instructional Support Services
Dean: Mink Stavenga 619-482-6542 Room 213
Administrative Secretary: Bertha Govea 619-482-6479  
Higher Education Center at National City
Dean: Christine Perri 619-216-6670 National City
Room 7103B
Education Center Coordinator: Andre Harris 619-216-6669  
Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa
Dean: Silvia Cornejo 619-216-6755 Otay Mesa
Room 118C
Center Supervisor: Lourdes Sevilla 619-216-6756 Otay Mesa
Room 4112
Education Center Coordinator: Maria Beltran 619-216-6754  
Higher Education Center at San Ysidro
Dean: Silvia Cornejo 619-216-6755 San Ysidro
Room 5101A
Director of Center Operations: Cynthia Nagura    
Education Center Coordinator: Corina Elizarraras 619-216-6793  
Crown Cove Aquatic Center
Dean: Christine Perri 619-216-6670 National City
Room 7103B
Director: Patrice Milkovich 619-575-6176 Aquatic Center
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