Accessible Instruction

Accessibility is a federal and state requirement, but it also makes our courses more functional for all of our students. By law, materials posted in Canvas must be accessible to all users at the start of the course, regardless of who is enrolled. Please see SWC's Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance page for information about SWC policies, DSS resources for faculty, and instructor support for accessibility compliance.

Accessibility Training

SWC has several resources in place to assist faculty in making their course content accessible for all learners.

Camp Canvas

Workshops focusing on making Canvas content, files, and resources accessible are held each semester. Please see the current Camp Canvas training schedule on the Distance Education home page for current offerings.

Creating Accessible Content

SWC has also created the Creating Accessible Content self-paced tutorial series.

Creating Accessible Content tutorials

The four units integrate materials from the CCC's @ONE, DEFT, and accessibility organizations, and they also provide hands-on activities to help faculty develop the skills to make digital course content accessible. 15 hours of flex or hurdle credit is available. Access the Creating Accessible Content link on the Help menu in Canvas.​ You will then see the "course" on your Canvas Dashboard for easy access whenever you need it.

DE Mentors & eSARS Appointments

If you're looking to get one-on-one help with accessibility, we have several options for you!

  • DE Mentors are trained faculty at each SWC school and campus who can work with instructors in a sustained way to help them meet their course design goals of making instructional content accessible.
  • Or, contact the OLC through the eSARS appointment system for quick check-ins about accessibility, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and equity approaches to better ensure your content can be utilized by all students, regardless of if they have formally filed for accommodation.

Free Accessibility Resources for Faculty