Advancing Equity Programs

Advancing Equity Teaching Institute

The Advancing Equity Teaching Institute (AETI) is a three-day summer institute that takes place prior to the start of the semester. Every day participants engage in dialogue about the culture of equitable education and that of the educational system we have been brought through.  As they do so, they build community, share experiences while having opportunities to participate in mindfulness exercises. The AET Institute is mandatory for those who will be in the AET Academy but open to all faculty.

Advancing Equity Teaching Academy

The Advancing Equity Teaching Academy (AETA) is a year-long faculty professional learning program designed to close equity gaps and promote systemic change by developing faculty leaders who will not only transform their own classrooms through equitable and inclusive educational practices but also have a positive impact on their departments in particular and the SWC College District as a whole.

Advancing Equity Academy

The Advancing Equity Academy (AEA) is a professional learning program centered on building knowledge and understanding  of equity and inclusion and is offered to Southwestern College’s (SWC) professionals. This semester-long training and peer learning program is intended to complement and align with the Advancing Equity Teaching Academy (AETA) offered to faculty. AEA  aims to deepen equity-embedded practice, coordination and communication, as well as build meaningful professional relationships across the district in the interest of fostering a culture of belonging for students, colleagues, and community.  The program holds a student-centered approach, with a goal of supporting and uplifting an inclusive, equity-focused, anti-racism district culture with an emphasis on leadership.