Grants, Loan, Textbooks

SWC Cares Emergency Grant

The Southwestern College Student Emergency Grant has been created by the Southwestern College Foundation to provide assistance to students at risk of dropping out of college due to unexpected financial emergencies.  For more information regarding this grant and other resources please visit SWC CARES.

Textbook Assistance

There are a number of campus resources to help students with textbook affordability.

Department Program Eligibility Criteria Amount
Bookstore Textbook Rental Follow this link for the SWC Bookstore website Up to 50% savings
Bookstore Textbook Exchange Follow this link for the SWC Bookstore website No charge to students
EOPS Book Service  EOPS eligible students only  Bookstore voucher
Office of Student Equity Programs and Services Learning Community Book Grant  Must be enrolled in approved Learning Community Bookstore voucher