Creative Services

Creative Services is a resource for Southwestern College (SWC) departments and organizations. Our goal is to provide support and offer strategic guidance to create visual communications that maintain a consistent voice and accurate image of the College’s brand.

We provide our SWC faculty and staff with a variety of services including: marketing materials, signage, environmental graphics, collateral such as e-newsletters, brochures, special event materials and support, as well as photography, videography, social media graphics and web design. 

Prior to submitting a request, we ask that you please follow these steps:

  • Be strategic prior to submitting a request: Determine the intended outcome for your projected project—who your target audience is, what content you’d like to include and what budget is available to you.
  • Develop accurate and simple content: Nobody knows your programs and services better than you. For this reason, we ask that you develop your content as accurately as possible for any project, as simple or complex as it may be. We will refine and proof content upon submission, however, all content must be provided by the requestor as final and accurate as possible.
  • Do not work independently. Ask for input from your corresponding Administrator, Dean, Chair, colleagues, etc. Doing so will ensure accurate content, eliminate duplicate efforts or duplicated requests, and ensure a consistent voice and messaging are being followed.
  • Ready to Submit your Request. Once you have completed the above steps, you’re ready to submit a request.

To request services, please complete the Promotion Request Form Your request will be reviewed by someone on our staff within 48 hours. 

If your project fits within the scope of what we can do, and sufficient time is allocated for the execution of a project, a member of the Creative Services team will set up a meeting to discuss the next steps. If Creative Services is unable to take on the project, we will provide you with guidance for an alternative solution.

Our ability to complete your project by the time you desire is dependent upon how far in advance we receive your request and the required time for production and execution of a project (i.e. development of a flier would require a shorter turnaround time as opposed to production and installation of a wall wrap).