For a complete list of all the forms, guidelines, templates and tutorials available to you. 



Event Planning Checklist Image

Event Planning Checklist


Review the Event Planning Checklist we have created to help plan your event. Once you have decided what we can assist you with, fill out the Promotion Request Forms that apply to your needs. And when in doubt, you can always schedule an appointment with us.

Writing Style Guidelines Image

Writing Style Guide


The Writing Style Guidelines provides information on how to properly address departments, programs and buildings on campuses across the district.

Visual Identity Guidelines Image

Visual Identity Guidelines


The Visual Identity Guidelines provide proper and district-accepted usage of the college and Jaguar logos. The guide also includes guidelines for district letterhead.



Newsletter Templates Coming Soon Image



The template provides a suggested layout for department newsletters. Also available is a Newsletter Protocol (PDF) Guide with resources for developing written and graphic content.




Creative Services Image

Website Rules of the Road


The Southwestern College website is one of the most important ways to provide information to students, employees and the community. The content for each school and department is managed by that school or department.

Our department has developed the Website Rules of the Road to help staff create engaging content and web layouts within the district's content management system.