Open Enrollment


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Welcome to Open Enrollment for the 2024 plan year!

  NEW DATES ****Open Enrollment begins October 23rd through November 8th.****

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to make changes to your benefits. You will have the opportunity to choose your benefits by carefully evaluating your choices and make informed decisions that give you the coverage you need for the next year. All changes will be effective January 1, 2024

NEW- Southwestern College will be replacing the UHC Network #1 with VEBA Direct HMO Plan. For those currently enrolled in the UHC Network #1 plan, you will be seamlessly transitioned into the new VEBA Direct HMO plan with the ability to keep your current provider. No action is necessary. 

During Open Enrollment, you can:

  • Choose a new medical plan option
  • Dis-enroll from a medical plan
  • Enroll eligible family members to your benefit plans (will require proper documentation)
  • Dis-enroll your dependents from your benefit plans
  • Enroll a domestic partner (IRS guidelines establish that adding a domestic partner will result in taxable income to the employee for Federal Tax purposes only)
  • As we transition to this new online platform, we will also be partnering with American Fidelity (our Section 125 provider) to assist employees in completing their online enrollment. Schedule your one-on one meeting with American Fidelity.  During this appointment, you can enroll or re-enroll in a flexible spending account to pay for day-care or health expenses with pre-tax dollars. 

NEW! Open Enrollment will be through  Self-Service

The new online Self-Service platform requires all benefit eligible employees to enter their dependent and beneficiary information. Employees can choose plans based on eligibility criteria, compare costs, and review benefit summaries.

 Employees must login through MySWC and click under the Self-Service Menus, click on Employee, then Open Enrollment Benefits to elect plan options and manage their dependents and beneficiaries.

Before You Get Started:

Have the following information readily available:

1. Dependent Information: name, date of birth, and social security number.

2. Beneficiary Information: name, date of birth, and social security number.

*Note: A beneficiary can be both dependent and beneficiary.

  • For Example: If you are including your spouse in your medical coverage and designating them as a recipient of your life insurance, then your spouse is both a dependent and a beneficiary.

*Note: A beneficiary can also be an organization.

  • For example: A trust, estate, charity, or non-profit organization.

3.  Current Benefits: Copy of your current benefits from Self-Service. You can find your current benefits when you log into MYSWC. Go  to Colleague Self-Service Menus, and click on Employee, then click on Current Benefits.

4    Provider Name and Provider ID (UHC ONLY): If you are enrolled or plan to enroll in a UHC Health Plan, please have the provider’s name and ID number for you and your dependents. If you do not have this information, you can go to search UHC Provider.

**If you are adding dependents for the first time, be sure to upload eligibility documents through ServiceNow under the Document Dropbox for Human Resources, document type “Benefits”.

**Any dependents verified during the 2022 VEBA Dependent Audit do not need to provide documentation this year. **

 Voluntary Plan Changes and Enrollments: 
At this time, changes and/or enrollment options in voluntary plans will not be available through Self-Service.  Please reference the 2024 Sel-Service Guide for instructions on how to enroll or make changes to voluntary plans.

Start your open enrollment by click on Self-Service.

Use the 2024 Self-Service Open Enrollment Guide to assist you through the new online platform.