Data Resources

The following resources are provided to assist faculty, staff, and the community in obtaining and using data regarding Southwestern College.  Regional, state, and national sources for higher education data and labor market information are also included.

BusinessObjects Reports

Internal resource providing data on course completion and success, degrees and certificates, headcounts and registrations, grade distributions and GPA, course and faculty information, and FTES.

Use Internet Explorer and access through the Business Objects icon in MySWC campus apps.  Request access through Service Now and contact the Research Office for training or assistance using these reports.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) resource describing SWC's assessment process, providing tutorials on conducting assessments, and identifying faculty SLO liaisons to contact for data and assistance.

Data Mart

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Data Mart provides statewide and institutional-level information about students, courses, student services, outcomes, and faculty and staff.


The LaunchBoard, a statewide data system supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus, provides data on progress, success, employment, and earnings outcomes for California community college students.

The LaunchBoard includes:

Student Success Metrics Dashboard providing data on student progression along various educational journeys, from recruitment to completion, transfer, and the workforce.

Community College Pipeline providing community college offerings, student characteristics, milestones, completion, and employment outcomes to support program review and planning.

Adult Education Pipeline providing comprehensive, multi-level data on student demographics, enrollment, outcomes, types of services received, and employment using new adult education data and accountability metrics.

Strong Workforce Program providing completion and employment data for examining long-term outcomes.

Guided Pathways providing first-year momentum points for evaluating college redesign efforts.

Resources providing access infographics, short videos, and guides to learn how to use LaunchBoard information to support educational improvement efforts.

 Student Success Scorecard

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Student Success Scorecard provides data on how well colleges are doing in remedial instruction, job training programs, retention of students and graduation and completion rates.  No longer updated.


The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) contains institutional characteristics, prices, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, degrees and certificates, persistence and success, and other resources on institutions receiving federal financial aid.

IPEDS data is available at:

College Navigator (National Center for Educational Statistics)

College Scorecard (US Department of Education)

IPEDS Data Center

 Labor Market Information

The Centers of Excellence provides data on high growth, emerging, and economically-critical industries and occupations in California.

The California Community College Chancellor's Office Salary Surfer provides comparative information about the earnings of recent California community college graduates.

The CTE Employment Outcomes Survey (CTEOS) Data Visualizations provide data on employment outcomes of students who have participated in career technical education (CTE) coursework at California Community Colleges.

San Diego Regional Data

The San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG) provides regional population census data, estimates, and forecasts.


SWC's CurricUNET resource providing access to information on programs, courses (including outlines), and curriculum. 

Data Dictionaries

SWC Data Dictionary

RP Group Standard Definitions for California Community Colleges