Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)


The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is funded by the California State Chancellor’s Office and its goal is to help advance the institutional effectiveness of all California community colleges. The IEPI is also tasked with significantly reducing the number of accreditation sanctions and audit issues, which in turn will allow community colleges to more effectively serve their students.

This initiative is designed to respond to a new state law that requires the State Chancellor’s Office to develop a framework measuring the institutional effectiveness of each college in the areas of student success, accreditation, fiscal health and compliance with state and federal guidelines. All colleges must develop, adopt and post their goals for these indicators annually by June 15.

SWCCD Governing Board, via this information-only agenda item, is apprised of the goals associated with the below identified seven indicators for institutional effectiveness and is presented with the list of 22 indicators that comprise the institutional framework from the State Chancellor’s Office (see attached for complete listing). It is important to note that while 22 indicators comprise the institutional effectiveness framework only the 7 indicators listed below were identified by the IEPI for immediate compliance. All colleges must report the related goals associated with each of the following indicators annually by June 15:

  1. Successful Course Completion (DataMart)
  2. Accreditation Status
  3. Fund Balance
  4. Audit Findings – Opinion for the Financial Statement
  5. Audit Findings – State Compliance
  6. Audit Findings – Federal Award/Compliance
  7. College Choice – Completion Rate (Scorecard): Unprepared for College

The SWCCD goals that have been identified in relation to the above mentioned seven indicators are provided below. Also included is the documentation of the SWCCD collegial consultation/approval process involving the respective Shared Consultation Standing Committees. Following the Governing Board notification, these SWCCD goals will be reported to the California State Chancellor’s Office by June 15, in compliance with the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative.