How to Report a Title IX Violation

Students may report incidents of violations of the Title IX Policy, including Sexual Misconduct, to the Title IX Officer, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President Human Resources, College Police, Dean of Student Services, or any other College District employee or to local law enforcement where the incident occurred. Students may also report incidents of Sexual Misconduct to Student Health Services or Personal Wellness Services if they wish to remain confidential (for more details review the Title IX confidentiality policy).

Time to File a Complaint

The College District does not limit the time for filing a complaint of Sexual Misconduct or other Title IX violations. However, incidents that are not reported while evidence is still available may reduce the College District’s ability to effectively investigate and respond to such complaints.

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) requires that the complaint be filed within 180 calendar days of the discrimination. Please contact OCR or visit the websites above if you have any questions or concerns about this time requirement.

Complaints Involving Unknown/Non-College Offenders

The College District will investigate reports of Sexual Misconduct incidents allegedly committed by students against other students, committed by a College District employee against a student, or by a non-student against a student. The College District will also investigate reports of Sexual Misconduct allegedly committed by students against College District employees, or students against non-students.

The College District will investigate reports of Sexual Misconduct where the identity of the victim is not known to the extent it is able, and take appropriate actions designed to protect affected students and members of the College Community. When appropriate, the College District will offer reasonable supportive remedies, such as class scheduling alternatives, escort services, and medical and counseling care/referrals to the victim and accused.

Sexual Misconduct investigations are subject to the jurisdictional limitations of the College District as set forth herein.

Reporting to College Police & Police Services

Students are encouraged to report Sexual Misconduct to the College Police Department. All reports of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other acts that may violate the College District’s Title IX policy, will automatically be referred to the Title IX Officer for investigation regardless of whether the complainant chooses to pursue criminal charges or not.

The College Police Department will promptly initiate a criminal investigation into on-campus sexual assaults and utilize investigation services and resources of partner agencies. Although strongly encouraged to report, victims have the right not to report crimes to law enforcement and decline any or all involvement with the police.

The College Police will undertake timely steps to ensure the safety of the involved parties, on and off campus; begin the collection of evidence, which could include obtaining physical evidence and statements from the victim, witnesses, and suspect(s); and meeting the legal requirement of criminal investigations and prosecutions. The College Police will also notify Student Services for potential administrative action and interim measures and accommodation.  

Students can request assistance from Campus Police for transportation to a safe place, hospital, or sexual assault response center for medical examination.

College Police Department
Room 22-118, 900 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 482-6380