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Benefits of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps)

If you have not used G Suite yet, trust us - you are going to love it!

  • UNLIMITED file storage with Google Drive - access your files from anywhere!
  • Create and edit documents, like your assigments, without paying for expensive software!
  • Works perfectly with Canvas, the system replacing Blackboard!

Activating Your G Suite Account

To get your G Suite account, you only need to do one thing!

  1. Create your MySWC Account
    • Go to to complete this step (click here for instructions).
    • If you have already done this, you are all set to start using your G Suite!

NOTE: Only students who enrolled and/or registered for courses in the Spring 2016 semester (and all future semesters, of course) have G Suite accounts.

Accessing G Suite Apps

Login to MySWC to explore these apps:

Login to MySWC Now

NOTE: Some of these apps may also be available for download on your smartphone and tablet. Search your device's app store to find out. Of course, use your MySWC username and password to access your content.

G Suite FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers pertaining to G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps):

  • Q Why is SWC providing G Suite to students, staff, and faculty?
  • A Providing these apps allows you to function in our modern world without spending any money for the technology. For example, Google Docs is a word processing application, similar to Microsoft Word, that you can use to write a job resume and Google Sheets is similar to Microsoft Excel that can help you prepare a monthly budget.
  • Q Do all students, staff, and faculty get a G Suite account?
  • A All students who registered and/or enrolled for the Spring 2016 semester (and beyond) have a G Suite account. All currently employed staff and faculty also have access to G Suite.
  • Q What do I need to do to get my G Suite account?
  • A There really is only one thing you must do - setup your MySWC account (click here for instructions and information). Once your account is created, your G Suite account will be activated at the same time. You will use your MySWC username and password to login.
  • Q What is Google Drive?
  • A Think of Google Drive as a virtual USB thumb drive, without the need of plugging anything into a computer, giving you access to any of your Google Drive files anytime you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, you could be out with your friends when you meet a potential employer who asks for your resume - you would be able to send your resume immediately!
  • Q Is there a limit to the amount of files I can save or Google Drive space I can use?
  • A No! There currently is no limit to the number of files you can save or the amount of Google Drive space you can use - it is unlimited!
  • Q What is Google Docs?
  • A Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word, a word processing application. This app allows you to write class assignments, letters, resumes, notes, and much more from virtually anywhere. All of your documents are saved to your Google Drive for future access or download.
  • Q What is Google Sheets?
  • A Google Sheets is similar to Microsoft Excel - you can use formulas and such to perform financial transactions. All of your Google Sheets files are saved to your Google Drive.
  • Q What is Google Calendar?
  • A Google Calendar allows you to keep track of your schedule. What's really great is - your scheduled appointments will show up in the "My Schedule" section of the MySWC Portal! Your appointments are saved in the Google cloud.
  • Q What is Google Contacts?
  • A With Google Contacts, you can have access to all of your friends' and family's phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdates. Your contacts are saved in the Google cloud.
  • Q What is Google Forms?
  • A Google Forms allows you to create forms that can be used to collect information from others.
  • Q What is Google Hangouts?
  • A Google Hangouts is a video/audio calling and messaging application that allows you to communicate with other G Suite users in real time.
  • Q What is Google Slides?
  • A Google Slides is like Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to make awesome presentations right from your web browser - any browser worldwide. All of your Google Slides files are saved to your Google Drive.

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