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Coming Soon - Microsoft 365 Outlook Email

Your student email will soon be moving to Outlook on the Microsoft 365 platform instead of Google Gmail. In addition, all students will have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office applications. Please check back here soon for further details!

Official SWC Communications

When we send you email, it will always be sent to your SWC Student Email account. Please note, if you are a new student who has never applied to SWC before, we will send our welcome message to your personal email address indicated on his/her application. This welcome email will contain instructions for setting up your MySWC account - this is needed to activate your SWC Student Email account, where all future email from us will be sent.

We suggest checking your SWC Student Email at least once a day! Keep reading for instructions on logging into your SWC Student Email account.

IMPORTANT: Beginning September 19, 2016, all official email sent by Southwestern College will go to your @swccd.edu email address hosted by Gmail. This includes messages sent by Admissions & Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, as well as your Instructors and Deans. We will no longer communicate with you through your own personal, external email account (like Hotmail or Yahoo!).

Activating Your SWC Student Email Account

To get your SWC Student Email account, you only need to do one thing!

  1. Create your MySWC Account
    • Go to MySWC to complete this step (check the instructions).
    • If you have already done this, you are all set to start using your SWC Student Email! Read below to find out how to check your email.

NOTE: Only students who enrolled and/or registered for courses in the Spring 2016 semester (and all future semesters, of course) have SWC Student Email addresses.

Accessing Your SWC Student Email

As you probably guessed, your MySWC username makes up the first part of your new SWC Student Email address (example: md1234567@swccd.edu). You have 4 options to access your SWC Student Email:

  1. Login to the MySWC Portal at MySWC with your MySWC username and password. In the top right section of the page (or in the middle of the page on your phone or tablet), click/tap on the link to open up your SWC Student Email account. This section of the MySWC Portal will also tell you how many unread emails are waiting for you in your inbox!
  2. Go to Google Mail and enter in your SWC Student Email address, then click the "Next" button. You will then be redirected back to MySWC to login with your MySWC username and password. Be sure to read the note below about merging Gmail accounts!
  3. Use the Gmail smartphone/tablet app (see below) to login with your SWC Student Email address and MySWC password.
  4. Add your SWC Student Email account to your home computer's email app - just select Google as the provider, then type in your SWC Student Email address and MySWC password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have a personal Gmail account, we recommend NOT merging your existing and new SWC Student Email accounts together. Gmail may ask if you want to do this the first time you login.

NOTE: You can also access your SWC Student Email on your smartphone and tablet with apps available for download by Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon Kindle.

Learn About Email Phishing - Stay Safe & Secure

Student Guidelines

IMPORTANT! By using Student Email offered by Southwestern Community College District, you agree to the Guidelines for Student Email, Google G Suite & Office 365 (PDF) and 3720 AP (Computer & Network Acceptable Use Policy).

View/Download Guidelines (PDF)

View/Download 3720 AP

SWC Student Email FAQs