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Campus & Community Resources

Students attending Southwestern Community College District who are in need of emotional support can receive confidential counseling through Personal Wellness Services, as well as medical assistance through Student Health Services either on campus, or on extension campuses.

Employees whose primary assignment is to render medical or psychological care to students at the College’s Student Health Services or Personal Wellness Services are excluded from being Mandatory Reporters. While the students may seek such confidential counseling and medical services with incidents of Sexual Misconduct, this does not negate other mandatory reporting responsibilities required under the law, such as in California Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 15630 et seq. and California Penal Code Sections 11164 et seq. Further, even though all personal counseling sessions and medical services are strictly confidential employees must report the incident with non-identifying information to Title IX and College Police in order to comply with the Clergy Act.  Students and/or Employees may be referred to a third-party health services provider for supportive services.

Information about confidential victim advocate resources will also be made available to persons who have reported being subjected to Sexual Misconduct.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for counseling support and/or medical services contact: